Hello Everyone,

So many things have happened here at The Farm shop.

We were late opening this year and then hit by the snow, and many of you know that our activity barn fell in the snow. Our barn which housed 500 ewes in the 1980’s, until it changed use in 2010, collapsed with the weight of the snow on the roof.

We are glad to say that it is now completely rebuilt. There is a new look to the barn and we are delighted, the new beach is fantastic and, thanks to an old friend Paul Ashmore, we now even have a boat, yes, Tinahely Farm now has a boat moored in the Activity Barn. At the moment we are connecting the Barn and the Shop and constructing 2 new party rooms within the Activity Barn – and we are open for business as usual!

Spring 2018 didn’t really happen on the weather front but we were still busy here, Muriel the Muscovy duck hatched out 6 ducklings who are all big and getting their adult feathers; and we hatched 11 ducklings in the incubator, who are also doing well. All the animals are out on the walk way and basking in the sun, Lily and Sam have been getting a bit of factor 50 sun lotion on their ears to keep the sun off them, but all in all they are happy.

Our vintage caravan has been very busy with afternoon tea most weekends. We are also offering activity afternoons for Hen Parties which is great fun. We can arrange an activity, like painting on plates, and afternoon tea, for a great afternoon and all the beautiful brides to be are so happy with their outing. For more information please call Philip on 087 8168457.

Our restaurant is going great and for the summer months Archie’s egg bap is back on the menu and  is proving very popular. Though summer  is slipping quickly by there are a good few weeks left to come and enjoy Tinahely Farm & Shop.

So if you have promised the kids to take them to the beach, and it starts to rain, you can always come to Co. Wicklow’s largest indoor beach here at Tinahely Farm – just over an hour’s drive from Dublin – and  relax, sit back and have a cup of tea out of a real china cup and saucer whilst your children enjoy themselves all day long! Come visit soon!

Best wishes,

Rebecca x