Our Animal Walkway has been with us since day one of the opening of our shop, we have a lovely selection of animals that you are able to pet, touch, feel and talk to.

Katie and Maple are our two donkeys and live in the same pen as Chrissie the Llama. Chrissie is full of personality and if he doesn’t like you he might spit at you!

Dove and PJ are our two miniature ponies, and they like a rub on the neck, Lennie and Prunella are our pot belly pigs and will come over to you if you give them a shout. Bell and Beau are our two white kid goats and have their own claim to fame as they won a photography competition on the Farmers Journal during the summer!

The lovely Kerry Cows are very much part of the farm here, we have over 20 heads of cattle in the place and its great to see a dying breed of cattle revived.

Rebecca’s Grandfather was the first man to import Dorset Horn sheep into Ireland in the 1930’s. Two of the sheep we have here are from the original Finchogue Flock.