We have exciting new changes here at the Farm Shop this month – from more new products on the shelves to a new pathway into the shop and porch type area on to the front of the shop, so you can sit outside in the rain and enjoy a cup of tea still in the china cup and not even get wet… But lets not talk about the rain, so far it’s been a wet summer but really there isn’t much we can do about that.

CarrotsEvery few weeks we are upgrading the shop to make it more attractive to our customers. This month we have broadened our range of products from the Ballybrado range and our customers are delighted with them, Caffery’s range of sauces are a great hit, we are now carrying a wider range of health products, nuts, seeds, Aloe Vera juice and tooth paste, Ballymore Organic Raw  Milk, butter, yogurt seem to be popular.

Joe Nealon is now supplying us with honey from the Tinahely Wicklow hills and it’s delicious and it’s great to have this on the shelves especially once the winter comes in – it will keep the colds at bay!!

The kids Hannah, Harry and Archie, have been off school now for 3 weeks and they have been a great help on the farm, moving the animals from paddock to paddock and getting the sheep in for shearing and we have just had one new addition to the farm Joey the goat had a baby kid and can be seen out in the field.

PigsWe are just collecting the signs for our 1950’s truck and you won’t miss Phil or the kids in the truck around the village, and we are going to the Tinahely show where you will be able to see the truck up close and personal in the vintage section in the show.

Last year we had a special request from John in Shillelagh, for flat peaches also know as doughnut peaches and they where hard to find but this year we have them in every week of the very short season and they are really worth the taste….oh so juicy.

At last we are starting to harvest  our tomatoes and this is a really special treat, we cant wait! They will be on sale in the shop this week. So do pop in for a home grown tomato.

Until our next bit of news hope to see you all at the Tinahely Farm Shop.