Plants for SaleWell it’s been a very busy time here in the Tinahely Farm Shop and we have got our new website up and running and thanks to our great friend Irene for all her help and time.

New signs on the entrance into the Shop and all the trees that we have planted around the place are starting to bud and the place is starting to look that lovely shade of green, oh so fresh.

Nellie our beautiful goat had her babies all three of them, they are now out in the  fields running around the place, Nellie had her kids in the Llama pen and the watched over her until they headed out to their pen in the fields. Our Jacobs all have no lambed and the lambs are thriving out in the fields, we lost Billy’s mother who was one of our goats so we are bottle feeding him now, the kids here, Hannah, Harry and Archie are acting as his Mother and playing away with him.

The shop has really expanded its products this month, we are now stocking Green Saffron spices from India via Middleton and everything that you need to make up a curry, and wow do they taste good. Arun and his wife Olive really know what they are up to with their spices, and now they are doing a gingerbread spice for a cake.

All the farm fresh vegetables are all selling well and this month purple sprouting broccoli is the favourite in the shop, it tastes so good, just blanched in boiling water and a knob of butter and there is tea sorted.

Fresh Farm ProduceWe have now got a selection of meats from our local butcher Damien here in Tinahely and they are wonderfully fresh and its really good to know where your meat comes from. No air miles on this meat only 150 yards up the road and its in the Farm Shop.

Philip sowed 180 stools of Rhubarb two years ago and now we are starting to harvest it and it tastes so good. Lots available in the shop and if it sells out just ask for it and we can pick it straight from the field.

We have got in a wide variety of organic nuts, seeds, dried fruits and people are getting to know that we have them and are starting to fly off the shelf.

The vintage section is really taking Tinahely by storm, yes every week the amount of cups, saucers and plates are flying off the shelves and they are so pretty, if you need a little present what more could you give some one but a vintage China cup and saucer. We have been selling fresh flowers and are hoping to expand this area next week and have fresh flowers in mostly for the weekend trade but Rebecca being a trained florist is looking to get into this area again.

Fresh Farm VegetablesThanks to one of Philips oldest friends you will see him driving around doing his deliveries in a 1950s pick-up truck. Yes, you wont miss him, it’s bright yellow.

Until our next newsletter come and visit the Farm Shop and buy some farm fresh veggies. You are unable to feed the animals anymore but they are still here and woul love a pet. Look out for the yellow Lorry.

Philip, Rebecca, Hannah, Harry and Archie