Tinahely Farm Shop EggsThere has been great excitement at the Farm Shop with Mabel and her nine chicks, they have grown so much and in the last week with the warm weather they have doubled in size. They are lovely and now today they are moving outside to their bigger pen.

Our lovely big Zwartbles stock ram is now the father of wonderful black lambs with white feet and a white blaze down their face; they look great and are now out in the fields running around, we crossed them with our Jacob, Scotch Horny and Soya Ewes, so we really have a mixed bag of sheep now!

Our Animal Walk Way is open again and you can walk out through the fields to see the animals, they are not all out but by the weekend they will be.

We are now open on Sundays from April 28th so you will be able to come for a fresh cup of coffee or a cup of tea in a China cup and saucer and have a fresh scone and enjoy the atmosphere of the Farm Shop.

The product range in the shop has increased with lots more artisan goodies on the shelves. A great wide range of Gluten Free products, sparkling apple juice from Tipperary, Kehoe’s crisps and also gluten free chocolate – and a larger range of cheese from Sheridan’s. We also carry organic milk which is non homogenised, which means that you still can have a cup of tea with cream on top of the milk – from Mossfield Organic Farm in Co. Offaly, they have a range of products which we have on the shelves; butter milk, yoghurt and two types of cheese – all available at the Farm Shop!!!

Tinahely Farm Garden PlantsWe are opening our garden tunnel, where you can buy garden plants and seedlings, we will have a great selection of different types of salads, courgettes, radishes tomatoes as well as old fashioned cottage garden plants.

We are doing a basket making day on May 25th. Check out our events page on out web site for more details; it’s a wonderful day and enjoyed by all. And Irene is doing her Thursday morning crochet class at the shop, and wonderful artistic flowers, squares and wonderful creative pieces of art.

Well done to Christine for starting up the Tinahely News again here in the Village. We Featured on the front page of the first edition but there is a special offer at the Farm shop in this months Tinahely News so you will have to buy it and check it out. Good luck with that Christine!

Well, it’s not long till the first of May, so I will be on the ball and the Tinahely Farm Shop News Letter will be out on time!

If you get a chance pop into the Farm Shop of a cup of tea in a China cup and sit back and enjoy the smells and atmosphere of the Tinahely Farm Shop. See you soon!